The "Emunah" Papercut - Work 73


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The Book of Job is the inspiration for this work. Tremendous misery and intense suffering befell Job yet, despite trial and persecution, he remained faithful to his religion and his G-d understanding that the ways of Heaven are not always obvious to man and vehemently rejecting the blasphemies of his would be comforters. Chapter 27:6-8 encapsulates this work and emphasizes this point.

Chapter 28, inscribed in micrographic script in the center panel, ponders on the inaccessibility of wisdom. The verse makes it clear that much will always remain obscure to mankind. However,"... only G-d understands the way to it. He alone knows where it is, for He looks to the end of the earth and surveys all that is under the Heavens."

Alone in his hour of trial, Job is still able to appreciate the holy perfection in all that befell him. Jobs ability "... from the very depths to cry out to the Lord" [Psalms 130:1] remains universally applicable. Following this thought, the artist believes that the very faith that sustained our people in the diaspora was the moral pivot that led to the founding of the State of Israel. For this reason blue and white colors dominate this papercut.

20 layers paper. Size: 13" x 11.4" Year: 1989

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