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The "70 Names of Israel" Papercut - Work 196


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The "70 Names of Israel" cites all of the seventy names of the people of Israel as found in the Midrash Zuta Shir HaShirim - one of the Rabbinical interpretations on the Song of Songs. It is not surprising that the chosen people have received as many seventy evocative names, especially as this number appears so often in Jewish mystical thought and computation.

Midrash Zuta 1:1. "In parallel to the seventy (kinsfolk) who accompanied Jacob into Egypt and in parallel to the the seventy languages (spoken by the seventy nations of the world), seventy names were given (as protection) to the people of Israel; as well as to Jerusalem, the Torah and to the Almighty". They are:

Israel, Jeshurun, First born, Youth, Gentle, Unique, Child, Brother, Friend, Beloved, Son, Slave, Nation (in Hebrew: Am), Nation (in Hebrew: Goy), Mother, Daughter, Spouse, Bride, A young wife, Jews, Hebrews, Lion, Leopard, Snake, Gazelle, Wolf, Ox, He-Goat, Vine, Plantation, Locked Garden, Orchard, Well spring, Friend, Redeemed, Sanctified, A Priestly Kingdom, Multitudes, Servants (of the Lord), Godly, Masters, Superior, United, Persons, Tribe, Convocation, Advocates of justice, Palm, Nut, Cluster of grapes, Fig, Pomegranate, Settlement, Amulet, Reed, Dove, Prickly, Sons of the living God, Pupil (of eye), Cow, Insect, Mother, Wise, Heroes, Righteous, Devout, Honest, Kinsman, Peoples, Innocent.

Size: 16" x 13.5". Year: 1995. 3 layers cut paper.

The "70 Names of Israel" is also available as a limited edition lasercut.
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