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The Ram Granot Bar Mitzvah Book

Archie Granot created this book for his son Ram (Avraham) on the occasion of his bar mitzvah in November 1987. The manuscript was executed on 7 sheets of hand made, 200gm Fabriano paper with end papers in the same paper and was hand bound in leather. The first page of the book is a colored and multi-layered papercut, encapsulated by two texts in Hebrew, with the name Avraham at its center. The design, in cut leather, is repeated on the front cover.

The upper text reads: "This - the Vision of Obadiah - is the Haftarah that Ram, son of Rivka and Aaron Yosef Granot, recited on the Holy Sabbath on the 14th of the month of Kislev in the year 5748".

The lower text reads: "You are the Lord G-d who chose Abram and changed his name to Abraham". Nehemiah 9:7. (In Hebrew, this verse begins and ends with the first and last letters of the name Avraham/Abraham.)

The remaining pages follow the design of the first page and contain the haftarah, (the supplementary portion from the prophets), that Ram recited in the synagogue. This text has been enhanced by a decorative border incorporating excerpts from a piyyut, a lyrical composition, for the Shabbat eve, that was composed during the second half of the 16th century by the Italian philosopher and kabbalist, Rabbi Mordechai ben Judah Dato.

The final page of the book also contains a colophon, signed by the artist, that reads: "I hereby give this haftarah book to my son, Ram, in the Holy City of Jerusalem as he accepts responsibility for observing the sacred commandments. I completed the book on the eve of Rosh Hashanah, 5747".

The Ram Granot Bar Mitzvah Book is in the collection of the Library of Congress.

Front Cover

Front Cover Detail
"Papercut" in leather

Front Page

Front Page Detail

Front Page Detail

Text Page 1

Text Page 2

Text Page 3

Text Page 4

Text Page 5

Text Page 6

Text Page 6

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