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The Papercut Book of Esther

Archie Granot was commissioned to create a unique papercut Book of Esther in thirteen columns of text, nine of which have the word "HaMelech" as the first word on the column, thus giving a traditional input into a contemporary work of Judaica. Additionally, a colophon page was created giving a total of 14 pages.

The colophon reads: "I, Archie Granot - Aaron Yosef, son of Natan Yaakov and Sara Lea Goorney - have hand cut this Book of Esther in the Holy City of Jerusalem, Capital of the State of Israel for my friends Mark Goldfus and Beverly Rubman - Mordechai ben Samuel and Miriam Bayla, daughter of Kalman and Sheyna - in the United States of America. I labored for 4 years over the excellence of each cut. I completed the work in the month of Kislev in the year 5770 (2009). A cutting blade is my scribal quill and papercutting is my art" Completed, with praise unto the Lord, Creator of all things."

In 2013, The Papercut Book of Esther had its first public showing at the Museum of Biblical Art, New York.

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Book of Esther I

Book of Esther II

Book of Esther III

Book of Esther IV
Book of Esther V

Book of Esther VI

Book of Esther VII

Book of Esther VIII

Book of Esther IX

Book of Esther X

Book of Esther XI

Book of Esther XII


Book of Esther XIII

Book of Esther Colophon



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