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Haggadah Colophon - Page 55

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A colophon (deriving from the Greek kolophōn meaning summit, finishing touch) is an inscription at the end of a manuscript, a device used mainly in the 15th and 16th centuries, giving the title or subject of the work, its author, the name of the scribe or illuminator, and the date and place of publication. The colophon for the Papercut Haggadah by Archie Granot reads:

I, Archie Granot
, Aaron Yosef son of Natan Yaakov and Sara Leah 
have hand cut this Haggadah in Jerusalem, Capital of the State of Israel
, for my friends
 Max, Mordechai son of Shimon Yehudah 
and Sandra, daughter of Yehudah Leib HaLevi
 of the Thurm family in the United States of America.

For ten years I have labored over the excellence of each cut. 
I completed the work in the Holy City of Jerusalem
 in the month of Kislev in the year 5768 (2007).

A cutting blade is my scribal quill and papercutting is my art.

The multilayered cut out sentence around the page was, traditionally, used in colophons of Jewish manuscripts and reads: "Accomplished and concluded, with thanks to the Lord, Creator of all things."

The artist's signature sits at the base of this page. It is the only signed page in the Haggadah.

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