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Local Israeli artist Archie Granot is one of the leading papercut artists in the world. His creative papercuts - the ketubah, mizrach, mezuzah, birkat habayit (blessing for the Jewish home) and more - both revive and continue a traditional Jewish art form while innovating against it. Distinguished by multiple layers of paper, Granot produces creative and beautiful papercuts - complex and impressive works, each cut with surgical scalpel - that require a lengthy and intuitive process of creation, a process often hidden beneath the multiple layers of paper. Curves and links are interwoven creating incredible depth, texture and movement to which a limited and careful use of gold leaf and woven papers only adds. Archie Granot's use of Hebrew inscriptions, hand cut in astonishingly precise calligraphic letters, is an integral part of his papercuts.

"The papercuts of Archie Granot are a special phenomenon in contemporary art. In spite of the restrictions he has put upon himself to use the traditional technique of paper cutting, he has managed to develop an impressive individual style. He proves that the revival of the technique need not be a repetition of the motifs and style".

Professor Bezalel Narkiss z"l
Founder of the Center for Jewish Art, Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

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